Welcome to my home page, and welcome to my world!



I am Vanessa Everett- international lady of mystery, down and dirty, educated and erudite, unpretentious yet elevated, raw and elegant.  I am a free spirit, a kind-hearted outlaw, grown-up wild child, a woman with many pasts and infinite future possibilities. I come and go as I please, and I will move on when I am no longer inspired, or my inspiration leads me in another direction.


I keep my promises, and I take people seriously.  I am humbled by the trust and investment that my lovers and friends place in me.  I take nothing for granted, count my blessings daily, and know I have been incredibly fortunate in my life and in my endeavors.


***I will be in Europe throughout the second half of January, mainly Spain, where I have family about an hour northwest of Madrid... I would love to have a dinner date or a night of fun while I am traveling, but I will not be accepting shorter bookings as I am mainly on vacation! I will travel within Europe for 4 hr+ bookings when I am available, with at least 48 hrs notice, and a 30% deposit. 

Please note that English is my first, and for all practical purposes, only language, and while I hope to improve my Spanish and French on my travels, I do not feel comfortable handling booking requests in languages other than English.***

I want to be your partner in play, adventure, pleasure, and discovery.  Explore me- and explore your fantasies and desires, your kinks, turn-ons and the secret curiousities you have never had the right time, place, or woman to fully delve into.  I am usually called a companion, escort, service provider or occasional girlfriend, but I like to think of myself as a curator of experiences.


My objective is to turn long-held fantasies into cherished memories.  I am not the fantasy- I am just the facilitator.  The fantasies are yours, and my aim is to stage them, with myself playing the female lead... and you play you- unless you'd like to play someone else.  That's fine too.


If you think you don't have fantasies of your own, I'll be happy to share mine.  Step into my fantasy, and leave with your imagination nourished and a secret memory to enjoy until next time.


I am frequently described as passionate, warm and sensual.  I am a happy person, and I love what I do, and I believe that passion shines through in every interaction I have. People tell me I have a positive and calming energy.  I am professional, drug and drama free, and a non-smoker.                 


If you enjoy my pictures, you will not be disappointed when we meet.  At 4'11" and 115 lbs, I am very petite, but still soft and feminine.  I am a runner and yoga practitioner, with strong legs and a firm, perky bum.  You will find me to be clean and fresh, always in the best lingerie, stockings and heels, with soft, great smelling, naturally curly hair, and just a touch of make up. 


I welcome wardrobe requests and love to plan truly special encounters and make them happen.  The sky is the limit!  I offer shorter bookings (minimum one hour for known friends, 90 minutes for first encounters) for the man on a tight schedule, but my real forte is dinner dates, overnights, and personalized adventures- everything from extended, in depth, role play dinner dates where we spend the entire evening "in character", living out what for some has been a lifelong fantasy... to "bucket list" experiences like swingers parties, outdoor adventures, and many many more.  Nothing makes me happier than making a dream come true.  I thrive on challenges and never pass on an opportunity to be creative.


You will never regret indulging in the kind of bespoke fantasy fulfillment that you will never forget. I hope that years from now, you will look back on our time together, and not be able to help grinning from ear to ear.  That is always my goal.