What I really specialize in is bespoke fantasy fulfillment experiences.  I love to hear your ideas, sometimes a life-long fantasy, and make it happen for you! I really enjoy planning these dates and making a dream come true.  The sky is the limit- everything from swinger's parties to outdoor adventures, to extended role play dinner dates where we never break character.  I want to give you an experience you will never forget or regret, and a memory that will make you smile ear to ear whenever it crosses your mind, even years later.

I can arrange many specially curated scenes and adventures with advance planning.  I love to do this- so just ask!  Some of these that I have done in the past have involved drive-in movies, secluded beaches, strip clubs, parties, and much much more.   Making a person's long-held fantasy come true is always an amazing experience to be part of.  I think you will find that if you approach me with respect and sincerity, I am very generous with my time and effort in the planning process. 

Some fantasies involving clothing, toys or other items I don't already own, or involving an unusual amount of work to set up, may require a deposit and/or reimbursement for costs or for my time. 

Here are just a few of the things I enjoy exploring with my playmates.  Just because something is not on this list doesn't mean I don't like it, this is just to tell you more about me and how I approach things:


Making genuine connections (and making out)...  The vast majority of what I do could be classified as a "girlfriend experience", no matter what I do with a particular person, there is always warmth and affection behind it.  I would not want it any other way- I like things to flow naturally and not feel mechanical.  I love to kiss.  If you prefer not to, that's fine, but if kissing is something you enjoy as much as I do... all the better! Some of my favorite sessions have included hours of making out like teenagers.

Lingerie... For me, getting dressed is the beginning of the foreplay.  So, you should never feel like you're being difficult or creating more work for me with an outfit request- some ladies may see it that way, but I don't.  I will be in lingerie whether you specifically request it or not, and knowing that what I am putting on is going to be exactly what you've been fantasizing about seeing me in, only heightens my own enjoyment.

I can accommodate almost every request, including most outfits you may have seen me photographed in.  I favor beautifully constructed pieces from designers like Agent Provocateur and La Perla, but I also have fetish clothing, dancewear, 1950's and 60's vintage styles, and casual styles. I'm happy to indulge your tastes, wherever they run.      

Adult Lifestyle Events..  I would be happy to find us a party or club to attend together.  Exhibitionists and voyeurs welcome.  If you have always wanted to explore swinging, but found that most events are for couples only, I'm happy to be your date.  (If anyone asks, we're friends.  No elaborate cover story will be needed, I promise.)    

BDSM clubs and parties... it can be a great way to try out some of the dungeon equipment I can't provide on my own, to meet interesting people, and to enjoy public play in a safe environment.  Newbies welcome...I don't mind showing you the ropes! (I am NOT a pro domme- while I am enthusiastic and game for new things, I am still a novice at BDSM)

Foot, shoe, and stocking fetishes... I have a great collection of heels and hosiery, including some vintage styles.  I love to have my (size 6.5) feet massaged and my (pedicured) toes sucked. But be careful, I am very ticklish!

Tease and denial, with or without light bondage...Let me tie you up and have some fun tormenting you.  I absolutely love the opportunity to show off my skills, bringing you to the edge and keeping you there until you beg for release. You'll get yours...eventually!  (This is one of my personal favorites.  I'm not generally so dominant, but this always brings out that side of me.)  

Role play scenes... From the vanilla ("Hello, ma'am, I'm here to read your meter.") to the taboo ("Teach me how to make you feel good, Daddy.")  I love to explore fantasies and play different roles.  I can be a schoolgirl or a librarian, a nurse or a nun, a mommy or a baby... Need a dog trainer?  A maid?  A good cop, or a bad cop, or a desperate prisoner?  Nothing is wrong or forbidden in the realm of fantasy, as far as I am concerned.  Role play is a great way to play out some of your most outrageous fantasies, without harm, risk, or judegment.

Strap-on play and prostate massage- Whether you're an aficionado of backdoor action or just curious, I have toys and I'm not afraid to use them!  

Cross-dressing- Bring your own dress-ups or let me know your size and what you like to wear.  Or plan a dinner or lunch date. and we can shop together... I know just the places to go!   

Please remember, that I am NOT a dominatrix- I do kinky things, but I am usually pretty sweet about it.  I am not good at verbal abuse or humiliation, and I do not provide anything more painful than a spanking or nipple clamps.  It's just not who I am.  If this is your desire, you will probably be happier with one of the many providers who do harder domination.

If you have physical limitations due to age, diabetes, injury, weight, disability or medical condition, I am happy to work with you on finding ways to enjoy each other. I don't let a person's physical limitations stop us from having fun.  Sometimes you just have to get a little more creative.  I think outside the box and believe pleasure is for everyone.

Providing intimate advice or guidance... Have you ever wanted a woman to teach you things about how to please your lovers?  Feedback about your technique?  Do you want to feel more confident in the skills you bring to your relationships?  This is more common a desire than you may think, and I am happy to help.  

Sexual initiation, or re-initiation... It is truly an honor to be someone's first, or their first experience after a divorce or the loss of a partner.  I know that this is meaningful to you, and will be remembered for the rest of your life, and that makes it meaningful to me, too.  I would be honored if you chose me to be such a big part of your experience. 

If you are getting older and feel burdened by your virginity, this can be a good way for some people to do it.  Having your first time (or getting back into things) with a kind, understanding partner, in a low-emotional-stakes encounter like this, can be a really positive experience, for some people.  Only you can say if it is right for you.  And if it feels wrong for you when we meet, that's okay too.  You don't have to go all the way the first time, or any other time.  

Intimate coaching... I have been able to help some of my friends and clients with their sexual problems.  This may mean getting past the problem, or it may mean learning to work around it and still have fun and feel confident with your lover.  I can't promise you a cure, but I can promise you a lot more fun than you'll have with a shrink! 

The issues we can work on include, but are not limited to: erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, difficulty using condoms, body image issues, and more general nervousness and anxiety in intimate situations or with interacting with women.  Nervous about your first "real" date after a divorce, loss of a partner, or break-up?  Build your confidence by having a dinner date with me.  I also know that there are some problems I can't begin to solve, and that's okay too. 


 I do enjoy seeing couples, and also teaming up for duos with my friends.  I am bisexual. I have several friends I do two-girl bookings with, but we are all independant and have our own schedules, so this is almost never available with less than 48 hours notice!  If you would like to see me with another reputable provider... I'll gladly consider it!  Talk to both of us, let us talk to each other, and we'll work on making your fantasy come true.  

***If you have questions about specific activities that could be considered "PSE" and may cost a little extra, I would be happy to answer them AFTER you have been screened for my comfort and safety.***